Saturday, September 29, 2007

Going from 20 to 100

I have been dabbling in options trading for about a year now. It's a financial instrument which can be used to make money. As the industry expert "Dan Sheridan" points out - Options trading is a craft and like any craft to be successful you need perseverance, training and planning. So I have decided to share my experiences in this space with you.

I have listed my portfolio view in the right side bar. I started with $20,000 and plan to get to $100,000. Some of my investments are carryover stock investments which I need to reduce/eliminate. The options allocation today is around $3000 - I would like to get to $10,000.

Similarly my stock holdings are about $17,000 and I would like to get them to around $10,000. I intend to share my trades, my experiences, my training and the changes in my portfolio over time. Always a learner - your suggestions and advice in this journey would be very appreciated.

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