Saturday, September 1, 2007

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I am Mark Runta, a 40 year old IT manager with a strong desire to be financially independent. To learn a little bit more about me and what got me blogging, click here.

Here are some guidelines on the blog content and links to pertinent posts

Reflections on Retirement
What kind of retirement are you planning?
Investing for Retirement
Early Retirement - Illusion or Reality
Chasing the Sun
Security or Freedom

How to Achieve Business Success
Analysis Paralysis
The Potency of Idea & Execution
Who Said It Was Easy
Digress To Find Success

My Favourite Investing Lessons
Common Sense Strategies to Survive a Down Market
Smart Investing Choices to Kick Off 2008
Should You Invest in a Roth 401(K)
Watch Out for MF Fees
Should You be Investing in Emerging Markets
Breaking Rule #1 of Investing
Fear of Investing

Some Opinions on Living Your Life
Perspective Makes a Big Difference
Is Bigger Better
Paying a High Price for Ignorance
Are You Asking
Buying Value
Debt - Good, Bad and Ugly

Financial Strategies That Count
The Power of Small Stuff
Are Your Friends Making You Poor
Simple Frugality - Conservation
How Costly Are Your Savings
Making It Last

Starting Out - Consider the Following
Who Is In Charge Here
Open A Door
What Have I Learned From the PF Bloggers

Do You Wonder?
Is College Worth It?
What Kind of Retirement Are You Planning
Now, Later or Never
Is Identity Theft Inevitable?
Do You Have A Hard Time Saying No
What Does A Mult-Millionaire Look Like
When Is Gas Truly Expensive

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