Tuesday, October 2, 2007

20 -100 Portfolio Update

Added CAT Calendar - As mentioned in my preious post I was considering a CAT calendar. CAT is a strong stock, hovering around $80. Earnings are about 3 weeks out (10/19), IV is good (high for short call and low for long call). Went ahead and added a calendar position which I hope to close in about 2 weeks. Maximum profit potential is about $700 so profit target is about $350.

SPY Vertical Spread - Missed my opportunity to close my SPY vertical spread with a 75% profit. Profit target was 80% ($400) which I came close to hitting ($375) but held out for the 80% target. Do have a GTC order in to close this trade.

Rest of the Trades - IBM and ACN are doing well. Looking for an opportunity to close out some stock position. BRL, Q and CPWR are not sporting high short term options premiums to justify a sell call on them.

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