Friday, October 5, 2007

20 -100 Portfolio Update

Market is bullish again - thanks to the jobs report. Most bullish trades are benefiting and portfolio is reflecting the same. Added an IBM PUT Calendar Spread to create a broader profit range for IBM.

IBM PUT Calendar addition
The IBM Call Calendar position was reasonable and had maximum profitability if IBM was at $120 on expiration. IBM has fluctuated between $115 and $119 over the last few weeks but has not broken the $120 ceiling. Adding the Put Calendar extended the BE points to $111 and $122. Maximum profitability between $115 and $120 at expiration.

Speculative Calls
Wondering if I want to speculate in some bullish calls. One is the chinese stock market which is defying all convention and shooting through the roof. Considering buying some FXI calls.

Also considering Cognizant (CTSH) which is an Indian outsourcing company with good long term prospects. Stock is volatile and recently dipped to $70. Now its above $80 and inching up.

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