Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You Asking?

Are You AskingSometimes it’s tough to ask. But if you don’t ask – that may mean game over. Recently I was checking my Starwood Hotels rewards account to see if I had enough points to get a complimentary room. Guess what – due to inactivity the account had been closed and points forfeited. I had been saving my points for a long time to use for a special occasion and so needless to say, I was disappointed. I said a few choice words, let off some steam and thought I would never stay at a Starwood property. But instead of just accepting the situation, after a while I thought – why not ask them?

I sent Starwood customer service an email wondering what could be done to get my points back. They responded by giving me a one-time reinstatement of my points. Fantastic! A simple email got me my points back. If I wouldn’t have asked – I would still be berating Starwoods.

So, remember to ask. If you don’t ask – you may not gain.

Credit Cards: If you are paying interest on your credit card debt and not getting the lowest rates out there – ask. Ask for reduced rates, reduced fee and other discounts.

Late fees: If you sometimes get behind on a payment and get slapped with a late fee, call and ask for an exception.

Insurance: If you are not in the mood to comparison shop for insurance every year – at least call you agent and see what other concessions, discounts and reductions are you eligible for.

Retail: When shopping, ask for any current rebates, discounts or deals going on. You might be surprised what the sales clerk may come up with.

Online shopping: If not happy with a service or product – ask for a refund. Ask for a refund of shipping or other expenses incurred by you.


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