Sunday, October 7, 2007

Financial Nuggets

Financial Well Being Great article on CNN Money about financial challenges and misconceptions middle America has. Article excerpt

"The Wrights, the Steins and the Mendells are strikingly similar at first glance. They moved to town recently, are in their late thirties and early forties, grew up in middle-class families, graduated from good colleges, have professional jobs and are raising young kids. All three earn a comfortable living and borrowed about $300,000 to buy their homes.

In terms of their financial security, however, they are at quite different places. What's more, none of the families had an accurate picture of how they are doing, in part because they unconsciously measured themselves against their neighbors, and their assessment of those neighbors is wrong."
Life and debt in suburbia on

One Hot Burrito I love the food and most people I know can't stop raving about it too. It's stock has more than tripled since it went IPO last year. Today the stock trades at above $120 and according to Barron's and Business Week - it can go higher. Yes I am talking about Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). Keep an eye on this one!

Stop Talking and Start Cutting Coupons that is! One of the foundational components of savings is grocery coupon usage. With all the websites and articles on this subject you would think this would be a mainstream practice. Business Week reported that only 1.2% of shoppers actually are dedicated bargain hunters. Time to start cutting some coupons.
Where have all the tightwads gone? - Business Week

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