Monday, October 15, 2007

INDIA - Worth Another Look

Majority of the Indian population still lives with sporadic access to clean drinking water, electricity and decent infrastructure. 65% of the population cannot read and write. Metropolitan infrastructure is bursting at the seams to keep up with the population influx. Government reforms are dragging and political stability remains elusive. So should you be investing in India? Heck Yes!

India Population GraphDemographics 54% of the Indian population is below 25 years of age.18,000 colleges and universities churn out thousands of graduates a year. Not all graduates are immediately employable but the English speaking manpower is ready to drive the economic growth engine. This young population is educated, ambitious and hungry to take on the world.
The Indian MarketMarket The global growth story is now being driven by consumers in India and other emerging economies. To meet this demand multinationals are setting up operations in India in record numbers. Projections are that by 2012 40% of the 340 multinationals will be setting up manufacturing facilities in India.

Beyond IT Indian companies are branching out into diverse market segments and carving out a global market share. Acelor-Mittal is a global steel powerhouse. TATA motors in tying up with global players and supplying vehicles to the masses in Asia and the Middle East. The Taj Hotel chain is expanding into the US and Europe. Suzlon is amongst the top 10 wind-turbine manufacturor in the world. Pharmaceutical companies like Dr. Reddy's Lab are starting to compete with the top global players. Jet Airways has ambitions to be the first Indian global brand.

India is becoming a global ecomony with globally competitive companies and an energetic workforce that will drive the economic growth we have come to expect from India.

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