Friday, October 26, 2007

Make Organization Your Friend

Make Organization Your Friend

You don't have to obsess over it but some organization in life leads to better usage of time, saves you money and reduces stress. Basic strategies that work for me include

Making a List: Well I obsess over lists but there is some benefit in jotting down 'to-dos' and things to buy. I make less trips to get what I need (save time & money), I usually have what I need (less stress) and once I have my list I can relax (productive use of time) and focus on other things.

Doing my Homework: You don't buy a car without doing some research. Same thing applies when buying electronics, appliances, apparel and to some degree groceries. If I spend some time clipping coupons and hitting the stores which have sales going on - usually leads to some easy savings. Comparison shopping usually leads to a better purchase at a better price.

Planning Your Time: Having a good idea about your weekly obligations and to some degree your monthly calendar can get your ready in advance. I hate paying late fees at the library or missing a birthday or rushing my kids to soccer practice because I mismanaged my time. Not only I cause myself undue stress, I renege on my obligations and create a bad role model for my kids.

Does it add up to financial gain? Absolutely! I save money by buying what I need, when I need it and usually buying at a discount. And I put a premium on time and quality of life also - so that is an added bonus.

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