Friday, November 23, 2007

Compelled To Shop

The deals, the ads, the early bird specials, the savings ... you feel compelled to shop. Almost feel guilty that there are some fantastic deals out there and you may be missing out on them. Missing out on a once in a year opportunity! A few thoughts on Black Friday -

- A Deal is A Deal: Be an astute shopper. If you know what you want and you can buy it at a discount (maybe a substantial discount) - go for it. The key is being organized about your shopping by knowing what you want.

- Splurge a Little: This is the season and if you need to splurge a little - why not. Get it out of your system in a controlled fashion rather than have a shopping breakdown. Set a splurge budget and stick to it.

- Once in A Year?: Don't fall for the hype that this is THE sale event. There is an after-Christmas sale, a New Years sale, a end-of-season sale, a start-of-season sale ... If you sit this one out - rest assured there will be many more opportunities down the road.

Be smart and rational about your shopping this season. Stay away from the hype but capitalize on the discounts that make sense.

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