Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is Bigger Better?

(This is huge!)
No double entendre intended here. I am talking about bigger TVs, refrigerators and obviously the place where you keep these appliances - your house. So is bigger better? If you are talking about TVs, it’s a lost cause. A HD rendition of Discovery's Animal Planet on a 60 inch 1080i plasma TV is indeed an experience. But an expensive experience!

Wall street reported today that to run the whole show - TV, set top box, game console, speakers, DVDs and DVR could add upwards of $200 to your annual energy bill. Wow! And that is just the entertainment system. Add in the stainless steel four door fridge, wine cellar ... and you know where your energy bill is heading.

Bigger may be better but it is usually more expensive. When you think expensive, consider the immediate cost and the recurring cost. And it’s the recurring long-term expense that will cost you a lot more. After all it’s the latte factor in reverse. Think about it.

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