Monday, December 17, 2007

Moving Forward After Looking Backward

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Moving Forward After Looking Backward

2008 is almost here and we are all looking forward to it. So with just two weeks left in 2007 isn't it time to start planning out 2008. But before we start with the resolutions and new commitments - should we first look in the rearview mirror - reflect on 2007. I say - absolutely!

So how was 2007 for you? Care to look at your 2007 resolutions and see how you did? Well, I looked and the results were well ... mediocre. Some accomplishments and some disappointments. And that is the whole purpose of looking back - dwelling on my 2007 experiences. I spend time reflecting on what worked for me and what did not? Where did I make progress and where did I get stuck? In other words putting the year in perspective - what could have been, what it was and what can be done.

This introspection includes review of my financial status, my portfolio status, my job status, my personal life, my family priorities, my health and my spiritual priorities. Then starts the planning for next year. Your future plan has better chance of success when it is based on the realities of the past.

Yeah - I will probably add, "lose 10 pounds" to my 2008 list, again! But I need a different strategy to make this one stick.

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