Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My 2008 Resolution - No Soda

(My favourite drink)
My 2008 Resolution - No Soda

You heard me! No soda - no diet - no regular - only agua. That is a resolution I have made for 2008. So what is the big deal – you might wonder? It is a big deal and here is why –

The Million $ Target: Yeah – I am talking about the “latte factor". How much does soda cost? Using a very complicated formula that accounts for average price and consumption frequency - $1/day. Which translates into $365/year. At 10% annual return, I am on my way to a million bucks in … 60 years!

Health: We know that regular soda is 99% sugar, which means extra calories. Extra calories that just stick around cause weight gain which leads to health complications($). If you choose to burn these extra calories, then you join a gym($) and spend time($) burning these calories. Either way I come out ahead with better health and reduced expenses.

So what about the diet-soda argument? Presumably it does not make a difference. Christine McKinney from John Hopkins claims that “diet-soda drinkers have a greater risk for obesity than do those who drink regular sodas.” Go figure!

Discipline: Breaking any habit is a challenge. But you get better with practice. This is an opportunity to deal with a benign habit, do my wallet and waistline some good and relearn the lesson of discipline.

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GreenElf said...

It's not the soda that is the problem - it is what I mix in the soda that adds to my waistline and makes me poor.

Maybe that will be my resolution but after the New Year's party ;-))

Anonymous said...

What is it about soda that we American's are so addicted to?
Is it the bubbles...I don't know.
But I do know I can't live without a diet Pepsi once in awhile!
It's ridiculous the money that's spent on colored-sugar-water, or as in my choice...fake-sugar-colored-water!