Monday, January 7, 2008

Do You Talk To Your Blog?

Hello blog
If you would like to - now there are options that let Bloggers dictate their posts over the phone. Voice recogniztion software is reaching the maturity level where it is actually being used to "talk to the web".
"Voice blogging software allows its users to dictate their entries into a mobile phone. These are then converted into text automatically and posted directly to a website - no hands or keyboards needed."
FT - Bloggers banish the keyboard
The software is definitely a must for bloggers who value "speedy posts". Athletes are the other segment adopting this technology to provide real-time updates on the sports action to their fans. I am sure other uses of "talk to the web" will soon emerge.

With Google and Microsoft expressing interest in this technology - not only does this concept merit watching from a usability perspective but also as an investment opportunity. Current players include - SpinVox and Nuance Communications.

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