Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Potency of Idea and Execution

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The Combination of Idea and Execution
"Idea generation is an addiction... an engaging, brain-spinning indulgence that must be practiced in moderation."
Behance Research

Should one moderate their ability to generate ideas? In my mind the answer lies in the context of execution. An idea is but an idea, a thought, a figment of your imagination and if that is all it is then one wonders!

But if you realize your ideas, you act on them, you try them out, you give them life - then you create synergy between thought and action. A potent combination that can change the world. Everything starts with an idea and nothing is accomplished without action.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post...
I kind of think people do get fascinated with ideas.
To me, that is the easy part.
It's the execution that provides the results.
Your absolutely right...
There has to be a balance, no obsession on either end of the spectrum.

Sudipta Das said...
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