Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Power of Small Stuff

Small stuff is powerful. Think about it another way – everything big and large is ultimately made up of small stuff. So small stuff matters!

It adds up
Small contributions, regular investments, consistent savings, shopping for bargains – it all adds up. Can you save an extra $100/month? That $100 savings will become $20,000 in 10 years (at 10% annually compounded growth) or you can turn $286/month into a million by the time you hit 65.
“In Frankfort, Ind., a man named Paul Brant learned from his father the value of stashing away his loose change in containers around his house. His dad used to use that money to fund family vacations. Following that example, Brant saved and saved, for 23 years. In 1994, he discovered that he'd saved $36,000!”
The Power of Loose Change

Good place to start
Can you reduce 50 calories from your daily diet? Can you walk ¼ mile every alternate day? Can you order diet soda instead of regular? Can you see your doctor once a year? Small changes, small steps and small goals add up. 50 calories per day is a reduction of 1500 calories per month or about 6 pounds per year. ¼ mile will become ½ mile will become 1 mile and before long you are one your way to superior health. What you eat and do everyday will influence your health, not the knee-jerk reaction of going on an extreme diet.

"Medically, most clinicians would say goals of losing five to 10 percent [of
your start weight] are achievable," says Jennifer A. Linde, PhD, assistant
professor of epidemiology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Slow and steady
Living Your Life
The small stuff that can frustrate you is the same stuff that can help you also. If you chip away at the small stuff – it never becomes big enough to overwhelm you. It’s when we ignore the small stuff – cleaning, de-cluttering, maintaining (car, house, gadgets …), writing a timely thank-you note, is when problems start to arise. It is almost like feeding my house plants. They need a little care often versus a lot of care occasionally.
"Set aside just 15 minutes to declutter just one shelf, and when that shelf or that 15 minutes is up, celebrate your victory. Then tackle another shelf for 15 minutes the next day. Conquering an entire closet or room can be overwhelming, and you might put it off forever. If that’s the case, just do it in baby steps."
Zen Mind: How to Declutter

Get the small stuff taken care of - the paybacks are well worth the effort.

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