Saturday, March 15, 2008

And Finally - Acceptance!

Is it here?
It's been like watching a movie in slow motion. The slide of the US economy from firing on all cylinders in 2006 to sputtering in 2007 and finally in a recession in 2008. In 2000 I was too naive to understand how the market was behaving - expect for the painful memory of seeing my Ameritrade account getting decimated by orders of magnitude.

The analysts in 1999 were shouting buy, buy, buy and six months ago also they touting the Goldilocks Economy.

I guess the lesson learned from this situation is - be wary of what the market analysts, financial pundits, CNBS anchors and Wall Street brainiacs are touting. Some just go with the flow, some just don't know any better and some have an agenda that may not line up with your expectations.

In the end, pay only so much heed to the noise out there and use your own judgement and research when it comes to investing in the market.

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