Thursday, March 27, 2008

If Not Now - When?

Seth Godin makes an interesting point - especially when you consider that 1/4th the year is almost over and most of your New Year resolutions have either been accomplished or forgotten.

Well his point is basically this - make a list of things that you probably could understand if you put your mind to it, but don't. His rational is pretty simple - with the tools and technology available to most of us today - it's faster, easier and cheaper now than ever before.

Here is some food for thought!

  • What makes mortgage rates move?
  • What is a currency peg?
  • Is it time to learn a new language - Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic ...?
  • Should you use stock options to protect your portfolio?
  • What is an inverted yield curve?
  • Read Warren Buffett's annual shareholder letters.
  • Why is social networking so hot?
  • What is your investment portfolio's annual rate of return?
  • How are housing prices faring in your neighborhood?
  • What happened to Bear Stearns?
  • Read a financial book lately?
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