Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Magic of Marketing

Looking for rich Martians

It is magic! You believe the absurd, buy what you don't need and often pay more than you should. All because of marketing. Good marketing - that is. And there is a lot of good marketing these days, thanks to new technology, the internet, more money, more shopping and more information. Here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind when you start to fall for that new thing!

Nothing is Free!
The most basic of marketing gimmicks. Free estimate, free analysis, free delivery, free sample, free this and free that. No such thing! And it makes sense when you consider the fact that every business is about making money so free is going to be - yes a gimmick. There is nothing wrong with getting freebies when they are part of a bigger transaction. For example getting free shipping when you buy at Amazon.

Prioritization is the key when it comes to the free syndrome. Focus on what you really want before you fixate on free stuff. Problems arise when you start with free because that can lead to buying or spending on stuff you had no plans to buy.

Tricks of the Trade
I am assuming these tricks are taught in Marketing 101. Pricing less than a whole number - $9.99 instead of $10.00. $9.99 is not a whole lot cheaper than $10 but that is the illusion created by this strategy. Buy one and get one free is another one. It is a good deal if you need it but if you buy it only because it is free - gotch ya! Is a sale always a sale? Consider the price that makes sense to you instead of falling for the 50% off sign.

When you have a clear idea about what you want and what is a good price for that item - your changes of falling for a marketing trick are limited. Impulse buying will get you in trouble by making you gullible to these marketing tricks.

It is Magic
Blame the human brain, smart marketing or new technology - sometimes you just fall for it. What am I talking about? Check out this video (workplace safe!).

Six Ways Stores Trick You Into Spending More
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