Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can't Sell Your House - Give It Away

In today's tight housing market owners are going to extremes to entice a buyer. The more mundane incentives include - agent bonus, help with closing costs, a plasma TV, even vacation packages. But mediocre ideas lead to mediocre results.

When you think beyond the obvious the light bulb goes off. Here is a "out of the box thinking" idea. Enjoy!

Frustrated as her house languished on the market for three summers, J.J. Rodgers is trying a new sales tactic: giving the two-story home away in an essay contest.

Already, she's received more than 500 entries - each essay requires a $100 entry fee - for her four-bedroom home in Red Feather Lakes, Colo. She's hoping for 2,000 entries, or $200,000 in fees, by the May 25 deadline to pay off the mortgage, cover closing costs and have a little left over. Rodgers last listed the property at $169,000 after cutting the price three times.
Write essay, win a house

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