Thursday, May 29, 2008

Risk or Opportunity - What Do You See?

This or that?
  • Switching jobs: For some a new job portends growth and opportunity - whereas others stay put shying away from a risky move.

  • Buying a house: An opportunity to live the American dream, have your own pad and see your house equity grow. For some a risky venture that can end in financial nightmare.

  • Investing in the market: An opportunity to make your money work for you. Conversely a confusing and risky move where you entrust others with your life savings.

  • Travelling: An opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn about the rest of the world or a risk of infection, lost luggage and unnecessary headaches.

  • Starting a business: An opportunity to try, learn and succeed. A risky proposition to quit your benign but boring job, just to pursue a dream.

  • Personal adventure: Climb a mountain, sky dive, complete a triathlon - an opportunity for personal self discovery and accomplishment or risk of personal injury and public humiliation.

      It is about perspective. It is about what you want from life. It is about choice. It is about convincing yourself - is it an opportunity or a risk?

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      Anonymous said...

      There will be a risk as well as opportunity. If we investing in the market it contain risk but sometimes gain also. If you are planing to invest so to take advice from some financial adviser who knows the investment terms. should have professional degree in banking and finance.