Sunday, May 25, 2008

When You Don't Have An Option - You Do It!

What bus are you on?
When You Don't Have An Option - You Do It!
Is $4 gas causing you to change? I bet it is. I am much more aware and cautious about my driving distances and habits. The ever-increasing price tag at the gas pump is a frequent remainder for conserving and optimizing my gas bill. Hybrids, green and alternative would not be so hot if gas cost 99c/gallon.

Today we may whine and complain about the price of gas but what are the options? Like it or not but the only options are conserve, optimize and reduce. This same principle applies to other facets of life like finance.

A core component of wealth creation is saving. Unfortunately this concept is trumped by another fact of life - the more you make, the more you spend. So how do you make it happen? Sage advice includes - budgeting, trimming your discretionary expenses, frugal living and paying yourself first. All good concepts but hard to implement primarily because of the options we have. If I save, what stops me from dipping into my savings or borrowing against my 401(K) or home equity? Nothing except my will power!

And therein lies the issue. Without will power or conviction - will you succeed in your new diet, will you continue with your exercise routine, will you update your resume and look for another job and will you really trim your expenses?

When we procrastinate and take the easy route - we surrender the option to make the right choice, which is often the hard choice. Unfortunately this easy route ends sooner than we want. And the ending puts us face to face with reality - with no options except do or die (which is hardly an option).

When your doctor tells you to change your lifestyle - you will diet and exercise, when you get fired or let go - you will look for another job and when you really seek financial independence - you will save and learn about money.

When you have options pick the smart (and maybe harder) option instead of the easiest option.

Here are some ways to get into the saving habit.

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