Sunday, June 8, 2008

My 2 Cents on Trying to Lose Weight!

And the number is ...
I know I have done it, probably you have too. Set a goal to lose some weight. So you ask - what is wrong with that objective? Here are my 2 cents ...

You think losing weight is a goal but there is a flaw in that thought process. Weight loss is not a goal or destination - it is a by product of a different objective. And the objective which you need to recognize and embrace is your health. Good health is a result of healthy living. And healthy living is a life-style. It is not a fad that you choose to follow today and skip tomorrow. You breath, you sleep, you live frugally - similarly you live healthy - everyday.

The basic tenets of healthy living are eating right and exercising. In today’s environment both these rudimentary acts have taken on a significance that needs to be understood and appreciated. Food is plentiful and choices abound. So what you choose to eat is important. Do you choose good, nutritious and wholesome food or the bane of modernity - junk food. Remember – it’s your body and what you put in it is your choice. After all we are what we eat.

The other bane of modern society is lack of exercise. Locomotion is supposedly a biological advantage for our species. What a waste of this asset! Again exercise is not a chore – it is a means to replenish your body with good energy and release toxins. It is not an accident that you feel good after exercising – it is your body’s acknowledgement of being in balance. Similar to needing ample sleep to replenish your body (and your mind and soul), you need exercise to keep that balance.

When you elevate your thinking and get to the root of your being you realize that weight loss is meaningless pursuit. It is an illusion. Focus on what is truly important. Give you mind, body and soul the attention they need. If you don’t give yourself that attention and respect – who will?

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Anonymous said...

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