Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seeking A Secure & Stable Job For My Kid

Find your calling
As for the undergrads’ career goals, 45% picked “to be secure and stable in my job,” and behind “work/life balance” (64%).Last year just 34% voiced such bread-and-butter ambitions.

I thought secure and stable was a misnomer in today's flat world. Life long employment is becoming a thing of the past - for the most part.

So, is being an entrepreneur the answer? Or perhaps owning your own business. What about having a talent like singing (American Idol is casting again)? A sports scholarship would be nice. Vocations like medicine or banking are still in vogue. Maybe coding some widgets or starting a social networking phenomenon is the way to go.

And there is the obvious – keep the nose to the grindstone and study study study – get into a good college – get a secure & stable job - work hard and climb the ladder.

Hmmm – so many options. What should I focus my kids on? What is the need of tomorrow? What will give them the skills and advantage they need to succeed? What is success - money, power, 'secure & stable' or passion?

What about all the above? In other words – should I not strive to provide the maximum exposure I can to my kids. A person can do a lot in today’s world – why limit one’s choices. Even worse – why force my kid into something that I feel strongly about. It is not about me but about me educating them and guiding them to a certain point in their life. If I do my job right they will have the perspective and courage to make smart choices about their career and life.

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