Sunday, June 22, 2008

YAWN – Frugal Millionaire

Another example ...
Warren Buffett Frugal Millionaire
  • Can you be wealthy and not conspicuous?

  • Can you live on $50K/year in San Francisco?

  • Is is possible to be wealthy, frugal and socially aware?

The answer to the above questions is yes, yes and yes. Kiplinger’s recently profiled Rik Wehbring, a 37 year old who lives in San Francisco on $50K. He is frugal, anti-spotlight and a millionaire.

'Wehbring, a dot-com millionaire who made his wealth working for several Internet startups, isn't alone. In this era of conspicuous consumption, he and others like him are saying "no thanks," opting instead for a more reasonable lifestyle. The Sunday Telegraph of London has given this demographic a name -- YAWNs -- Young and Wealthy but Normal.'

It is refreshing and encouraging to come across such cases. Frugality is a lifestyle, which once adopted does not have to change with your financial situation. Be who you are!

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