Sunday, July 20, 2008

Competing at the Summer Barbecue

I want that and that and ...
Stuff Spending Finance
The party hosts had it all. A great house, tatsefully decorated, a 'pottery barn' mud room, top of the line applicances, granite countertop, trampoline, swing set (the expensive one), large 2-tier deck ...

You could sense the tad bit of envy felt by some of the guests. The bar had been set and the race to compete was on.

We all have friends, neighbors or acquantainces that set the bar for us. The bar of spending, accumulating and living large. And we feel obliged to compare and take up the challenge. There is no choice. Or is there?

The only way I know you can get out of this vicious cycle is - self realization. Realization about what is important to you, what are your objecitives in life, what are your limitations and how you want to live your life. Temptations will always be there in life - to prevail you have to get above them.

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