Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Millionaire Club - Enrolling Now!

Ready for your turn?
million money rich

The holy grail of financial achievement is still the million-dollar mark. Billionaires abound in today’s global economy (Forbes list) but the fascination with the million still remains. A recent article at had some interesting metrics and perspectives. I strongly suggest a quick read.

My take on what you can learn from the rich

Save like crazy
How much you save always matters? If you make more, you can save more but what counts at the end of the day is the difference between earning and spending. Bargain hunting, coupon cutting, negotiating and smart shopping are always in vogue.

Increase your top line
If you make more money and save aggressively, you will fast forward to the million-dollar mark. Actively manage your investments, seek alternate income streams, start a business – in other words, don’t hope and pray but make it happen.

Be street smart
High IQs and Ivy League education only takes you so far (skip college and get smart!). What ultimately seem to matter are people skills, hard work, persistence, ambition and determination. The sooner you start to learn what matters – the better off you will be.

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