Thursday, September 4, 2008

Buying - A Primal Instinct

Where, where, where
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I seriously believe buying is a primal instinct. Something innate - embedded in our psyche. Let me explain! I offer three observations from a recent shopping trip to the outlet mall.

#1 - Recession - what recession!
The mall was packed, the parking lot was full and it was barely 10am on a Saturday. What the @$#% - I thought the economy was in a recession, unemployment was up, inflation was rampant and ... Either there were a bunch of families window-shopping or America's obsession with shopping is still alive.

#2 - Stuff, beautiful stuff
You spot something, are drawn to it, caress it, pick it up, try it and probably buy it. Yeah - that is the primal part. Our infatuation with stuff. It is shades of greed; desire and temptation that pull us towards these neatly arranged heaps of 'stuff'. You are hypnotized, drawn to these ...

#3 - But it is on sale
That is what my wife proudly exclaimed - 75% off! My feeble protest and rationalization of the situation was lost in the excitement of the 'find'. Wow - what a steal. But therein lies the dichotomy - do you need it? Probably not but who cares.

Buying is almost a game. Companies target you; entice you with marketing gimmicks & smooth advertising. You get sucked in, follow the scent and claim your trophy. Bring it home; make space on the shelf for the new thing and what is that? A 90% off once in a lifetime, you gotta be asinine to miss this sale...

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