Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday - Hopefully!

The kickoff to the annual holiday shopping bonanza - the day after Thanksgiving Friday was today. I ventured out today to shop for bargains and observe the public mood.

Recession - What Recession?
The mall was packed, finding parking was a challenge and stuff was flying off the shelves. Not sure how today measures up with the historical average but people were out looking for bargains and deals. The economy may be struggling but is it all doom and gloom - maybe not.

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Everyone is not doing well and it was very clear today who those retailors are. Yes - those were the shops with anxious sales agents but no customers. Some jewelry shops, high-end stores and novelty item stores were struggling. This shopping season will be a do or die situation for some of these retailers.

Cash is King
We went with a stack of coupons, store cards and shopping list. We browsed but mostly stuck to the list. And if we did not find what we were looking for we moved on. At the end of the trip everything on the list was not crossed off but hey - in times like these having cash in the pocket is not a bad feeling.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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