Friday, May 8, 2009

Can you sell it?

I got what you want ...
The more I pitch my services as a real estate agent the more I realize the importance and true nature of selling. This is not a new revelation. I have consistently stumbled upon this core requirement across all my recent endeavors. You can create the fanciest product or offer the best service but if you cannot market it – you are toast. Getting the word out is paramount.

I have been hustling trying to get the word out by advertising, meeting/greeting, networking and just being visible. And still no leads. You push yourself – out of your comfort zone, into unknown territory and you expect results. But results are fleeting and sporadic. It is disappointing and discouraging.

A saying in the real estate industry is “it is not about whom you know but who knows you”. This is a fundamental rule of selling. Do people remember your product or you when the time arises? Was your offering and pitch effective in leaving a lasting impression? Have you sold the prospective customer so when he decides to buy he will think of you? If people are not calling back – you have to revisit your offering, your pitch and your marketing strategy. Listen to the feedback and tweak your strategy to make it work.

We are probably hard-wired to think about our benefit before we give others consideration. You could say we are inherently selfish – seeking the best for ourselves. For a salesman this means thinking like the customer. The customer does not care about the agent’s issues – the customer wants … I usually have a win when I have something to offer that someone needs. When a customer has a need and I can support that need – there are possibilities. In other words – helping people achieve their objectives is what effective salespeople do.

I don’t want to forget a key life component – “The journey is the destination”. In our pursuit of the result we often forget that what matters eventually is the journey. We live the journey – the result if just the culmination of the journey.

When I get discouraged I remind myself that sticking with the plan is part of living the dream. I am pursuing what I enjoy and although challenging at times – that is what makes the journey worth it. If I stick with it - it will happen.

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