Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Is In Charge Here?

Who Is In Charge?Most of the time you are - unless you want to put things on auto pilot or let someone else take the wheel. Autopilot is like cruising in the comfort zone. There is a set routine, no big changes are anticipated and you are just enjoying the ride. You relinquish control when you let others drive your life - at work, at home and with your finances. Your boss decides what your career progression is, your family decides your lifestyle and your financial advisor decides what should be in your portfolio.

In my experience - I did not want to be in control because I was not confident I could deal with the responsibility. I was expecting others to make the best decision for me. It was naive thinking but I learnt my lesson. Over a period of time it become clear that the person with the most vested interest in my success is me. To succeed I can't just be a passive bystander but an active participant.

In corporate life I come across this lethargy often. Folks not willing to adapt to change or even acknowledging that things are changing. Pension provisions are being terminated, there is no life-long employment, outsourcing is a way of life, globalization is a fact ... the list goes on. To get a pink slip is traumatic and devastating but it can be avoided. Observe the signs, look at your industry, look at market trends, evaluate your skills and you will see where your career is headed. Take charge - acquire skills, negotiate, compromise, learn and make your own decisions. If you don't make the decisions - someone else will decide for you and it may not be the best decision for you.

After the fiasco of the dot-com bust and letting my portfolio be controlled by “expert” financial advisors, I learned the lesson that no one cares about my money more than I do. I have the responsibility to learn how to manage my money, how to make it grow and how to become financially independent. I can seek guidance, help and counsel from the experts but ultimately it's my decision. I am in charge of my money, my life and my destiny.

When to Grow, When to Go
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Tony said...

If only the government was more aware of the games these offshoring companies are playing with the H1, L1 and B1 visas - that would help the American worker a lot.