Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who Said It Was Easy!

The road to riches
Somewhere on this road to riches and financial freedom we start to assume that it is easy. You can learn "the secret" and visualize your dreams - and they happen! Or you quit drinking lattes and embark on your millionaire journey - sounds easy enough! Take action, live frugally, invest prudently, small steps ... the road to riches sounds easy.

Well it is not easy. Put another way - there are no short cuts in life, except for winning the lottery, being born rich or just getting lucky. For the vast majority - anything is possible but lets not delude ourselves into thinking that it is easy.

Any successful person will tell you that riches require brains, persistence and hard work. Somehow this lesson is lost in the din of get rich quick rich schemes that range from real estate investing to stock market investing to other dicey money-making schemes. The only easy money in these schemes is the money you pay to attend these seminars and sessions.

"The prospect of getting rich effortlessly has great allure, but the promoters are the ones making the easy money."
Get Rich Quick or Lose Money Quick?

If you have the passion, desire and the attitude to pursue success - you will surely achieve your dream. Plenty of examples are available to validate the financial success story. But most of these stories also showcase the conviction and persistence of these unique individuals. The ones who make it don't give up easily. They believe in their venture, they persist when others would be discouraged and they work their behinds off to make it happen.

The road to success can be hard, daunting and full of challenges. That is part of the journey. If you embark on this journey - enjoy the ride but remember - it is not easy.

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TheWild1 said...

yeah the hardest thing about the journey usually is actually starting.