Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are We Losing It?

Life is good
I was in an offsite training class last week which concluded with a test. The instructor spoon fed the class on how to pass the test, regaled us with personal stories and usually ended the day by 4pm. The test was a breeze, the material could have been covered in half a day and the applicability of the content in real life questionable.

There was a time when taking a test meant something, learning was about extending yourself, working hard was a virtue and it made sense to invest in what was good for the enterprise. Now we are entitled to training, irrespective of need, and while we are at it - lets make sure it is not too hard and stressful.

OK - I am exaggerating a bit here and no one situation can be used to stereotype the system but there is something amiss. Just look at the auto companies. Their plight is a stark indicator of what happens when you become complacent. And maybe I am mistaken (hopefully), but I see complacency is all facets of life and that makes me wonder - are we losing it?

Competition, the pressure to succeed, the desire to excel and the thrill of making it happen are all hallmarks of an eager & hungry enterprise. When you lose that spirit to move forward, you start to coast. And you coast when doing downhill.

Globalization is not a bane but a reality. Educated, competent and eager workers are competing for the jobs we may be taking for granted. Eventually complacency will lead to some level of dislocation and discomfort. We can be smart about the new global competitive market place and re-engage in this game or risk becoming obsolete.

Competition is not a threat but an opportunity to reinvent our services and value. It keeps us fresh and on our toes. Hustling for the next win, the next break and the next big thing. When you stop - you become history!

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