Sunday, December 7, 2008

Success = Easy + Hard

One step at a time
The easy includes

  • passing the exam to become a licensed realtor

  • getting a degree

  • putting together a business plan

  • having an idea (that will change the world)

  • keeping your job (or getting a job in better times)

  • taking lessons to improve your golf handicap

  • getting a government bailout

  • contemplating a different career

  • thinking about your retirement

and the hard part

  • identifying a niche, creating credibility and working hard to become a sought after agent

  • applying your education to excel at what you do

  • defining, funding and executing the idea

  • learning to play the game

  • consistently and persistently working hard to improve your game

  • restructuring your business for success

  • taking the first steps towards your new career

  • making your retirement happen

Bottomline - the hard part gets you to your objective but sometimes it is even a challenge to get step one (which is easy) going. It is a long road but if you can persist - you can make it happen!

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