Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Money Makes The World Go Around!

money suicide finance turmoil
“German billionaire Adolf Merckle threw himself in front of a train after his business empire, which included interests ranging from VW cars to pharmaceuticals to cement, ran into trouble in the global financial crisis”
Yahoo News

Financial challenges are endemic. The very rich, the very poor and the very middle class all suffer from this malady. It is unfortunate and sad when someone takes such drastic steps to confront financial setbacks.

I guess the point here is the role of money in our lives. Money obviously has a huge impact on how we live but the more pertinent question is – why do we live? Do we just live for money and the stuff it buys? Is it the life style that money brings? Is it the sense of accomplishment and power we feel when we have a big bank account? Or is it the social ranking we get (or assume) with wealth?

Is money the destination or the means to an end? In other words – does money trump family, friends, work and the simple pleasures of life? Is financial ruin the worse thing that can happen to you?

Something's in life can be repeated – something's are lost forever. It is all about the choices we make.

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