Thursday, January 1, 2009

How To Make Your Resolutions Happen!

I resolve to ...
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The cosmic cycle restarts today with the advent of another New Year. Maybe a New Year is not that dramatic but there is something special about it. A new beginning, a new start, a new lease on 365 days to do something new … do you feel some resolutions taking shape. If nothing else – making resolutions to address some lingering traits has become the norm come New Year.

Unfortunately the speed with which we make resolutions is only surpassed by the speed with which we lose interest in keeping our resolutions. Most of the New Year rush at the gym does not even last through the end of January. If you struggle to persist with your resolutions – try some of these pointers this year.

60 day rule
Experts suggest that it takes 60 days of consistent practice to form a habit. In other words – you have to do something repeatedly for two months or so to make it become part of your routine. Keep this golden number in mind and try to persist for at least 60 days.

Lifestyle matters
The change you desire has to be a long-term change. Only then is it sustainable – otherwise is it nothing more than a gimmick. Remember – weight loss is easy but keeping the weight off is not. Losing weight can be a short-term venture but keeping it off means life style changes that will last you a lifetime. Take the long but sustainable road – skip the short cut.

I proclaim
Announce your intentions. Make yourself accountable to others. You are more inclined to make it happen if others are monitoring your progress. No one likes to fail publicly and that might be the extra push you need to establish that habit or implement the change you desire.

A friend in need
Find a partner. I have generally had more success sticking with something if others are involved in that venture. It makes it more fun and there is another person who could be goading, cajoling or motivating me to make it happen.

Phase it in
You may end up with more resolutions than is feasible to achieve. After all how had is it to make a list. Don’t sabotage your chances of success by trying to over achieve. Harness your enthusiasm by phasing your changes. Cherish small success, build upon your milestones, gain confidence and continue changing your life for the better. In this case – slow and steady usually wins the race.

Good Luck in 2009!

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