Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When To Walk Through A Door

Not this door ...
An acquaintance recently approached me about a new business proposition. A venture in affiliate marketing - selling products, creating a network and collecting commissions. The marketing for this venture was slick, the presentation compelling and my acquaintance persistent. The message of financial freedom and personal success did resonate with me but ...

After listening to the pitch and reviewing the "system" I finally made the decision to decline. My friend was perplexed with my decision. After all, what I seek in life was being offered via this venture - so why the reluctance to move forward. Here is the reason why.

I never got excited about this idea. Selling something I don't believe in did not resonate with me. And when I don't believe in something - why should I persist with that idea. Money is important but for me it is not the prime objective. Having a fulfilling, interesting and happy life is my objective. In other words - the driver has to be passion.

Passion for what I do, passion for a cause and passion for my life.

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